PLN West Kalimantan Regional is responsible to distribute power supply to all customers at West Kalimantan area whereas at present one sector, i.e. Kapuas sector, and four  branches i.e. Pontianak, Singkawang, Sanggau, and Ketapang branch lead the distribution of power supply at the above mentioned area.

For the time being, PLN Pontianak branch ought to cover its customer in total 239,647 and total kWh selling 517 GWh. PLN Pontianak branch market area covers Pontianak city, Pontianak regency, and Landak regency.

To serve the power energy demand for all customers at PLN Pontianak branch has been supplied from 52 power-house derived from 4 main power-house generator which is spread out at the equatorial system and also from generator which is connected with 20 kV system located at Siantan CPG and Sei Raya.:   


SCADA system in Pontianak comprises of a master station at the control center, 9 stations and 24 KPs now at site, to supervise and monitor the distribution network of Pontianak, using two communication ways, i.e. fiber optic and radio.

Pontianak DF8000 System Architecture


 Index Diagram

City Distribution Diagram


RTU Status

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