Project Summary

Project Size 

- 559.4km 220kV Transmission line, 624.26km 110kV Transmission line, 182.4km 20kV Distribution line

- 2 nos. of Power Plant, 5 nos. of 220/110/20kV S/S, 13 nos. of 110/20kV S/S, 8 nos. of 20/0.4kV S/S

- 1 nos. of National Power Grid Control center SCADA/EMS/DTS/AMR

Main contractor: China Machinery Engineering Corporation

DFE’s Role of the project: Subcontractor of SCADA/EMS & Power Grid Operation Service

Completed time: put into operation from Apr 2007.

DFE Scope of Work

Supply, design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of SCADA/EMS/DTS/AMR

Provide 3 years of Service for Power Grid Management & Operation, including:

- To finish Commissioning, Testing and Project Acceptance of the Power Grid Construction Engineering including substation,Overhead Line, Communication system, National Control Center, and the Power system automation equipment.

- Connecting & synchronizing Power Plants to Power Grid

- Energizing Power Grid & Grid black start

- Daily Operation and Maintenance Service

- Power Utility Management Regulation

- Training Owner’s Staff

Project Overview

The first stage: DFE shall complete the supply,engineering,installation,testing and commissioning of SCADA/EMS/DTS/AMR.DFE is on behalf of the owner, to undertake the project commissioning, testing and accepting during the first year. DFE will eliminate and solve all the problems in order to ensure power grid to run safely, reliably and stably as well as training support during the warranty period.

The second stage: DFE continues to provide daily operation and maintenance service including Power Grid regular operation, troubleshooting, maintenance ,power utility management & Staff training during the next two years.