DF8000 Energy Management System

Over the last 30 years, DFE have been developing, improving and supplying SCADA/EMS system all over the world.  DF8000 SCADA/EMS of china is developed under an established quality assurance program and has been used as high reliability Electrical Power Automation Systems software worldwide. It is a Reliable, Scalable and Flexible system.

DF8000 chinese SCADA/EMS system is a whole set integrated solution for analysis, simulation and operation of electric power generation and transmission. DF8000 EMS provides the functions of supervisory & control, network analysis, safe and economical operation instruction, dispatch information management, dispatcher training simulator, data integration platform with third party software and communication between different control centers etc.

Highlights of DF8000 DMS Solution

CORBA Middleware based on integrated Design

DF8000 SCADA/EMS is an object-oriented system which is advanced, open, expansible,reliable, safe and practical. It is based on open distributed CORBA specification which has encapsulated the different operating systems and hardware platforms, provides uniform development and operation interfaces to the upper application.

IEC61970 CIM/CIS Middleware

DF8000 EMS adopts the object oriented power device model definition and EMSAPI established by IEC, it is a power system application oriented real time database management system. The special platform, makes SCADA/EMS have application level openness based on IEC 61970 CIM/CIS, and makes the application software modules “Plug and Play” possible.With this openness design, DF8000 is easy to integrate.with the third party software modules in control center.

Integration with Graphics-Model-Database based on IEC61970 CIM

DF8000 is complied with the standard describing correlated electric elements defined in CIM (IEC 61970),and supports network topology and dynamic coloring. The technology with the integration of Graphics-Model-Database makes user easy to draw and maintenance. Also graphics, model, parameters,etc. in other system can be exchanged via standardXML/SVG format.

Deal with avalanche massive capacity and archiving ability

DF8000 has high perormence including CPU load,network average load, etc during massive capacity testing (500,000 I/O).DF8000 has the capability of million points second-level archiving.

FEP Cluster and Multi Redundant Technology

Using Front End clustering technology, single node can support more than 5000 channels of terminal access also can realize dynamic load balancing of channels.Multi Redundant FEP nodes and  acquisition network

–Redundant node:It has 8 nodes maximum which can be divided into different 4 groups. In the case of fault in each series of FEPs, the corresponding RTUs would be handled with other FEPs automatically without any interrupt.

–  Acquisition Network Redundant:It is redundant to make all the RTUs can automatically switch to other network n any case of fault.  

Capability of Enterprise Application Integration(EAI)

DF8000 has the capacity to integrate power enterprise application i.e. PMS, TMR, customer service system, etc to realize information exchange based on SVG and CIM standard.  

Perfect AGC Module

On generation side, DF8000 AGC module consists of Unit Commitment, Hydropower plan, Exchange plan, Fuel Plan, Reserve Monitor, Economic Dispatch.

Lifelike DTS Module

DF8000 DTS is the offspring of modern computer software and hardware technology and analysis technology of power system, which is used to train dispatchers of electric-network by the numbers to make dispatchers be in control of every function of EMS to improve decision-making ability in the condition of electric-network’s normal, accident, resume and so on Lifelike DTS Module

Complete EMS Module


Intelligent EMS Function

The intelligent EMS modules of the system are based on the principles of integration and intelligentization, fully shares information with the SCADA platform, perfectly realize the functions of fault information integration, risk evaluation, intelligent aid decision, and typical accident handling plan, etc, fully meet the requirement of dispatcher accident processing.