DFE is a well-known supplier for DMS in China. Up to now, DFE provides more than 80 sets of DMS and more than 150,000 sets of Distribution Terminals around China, South Asia, East South Asia, etc. DFE has abundant design and running experiences in DMS. In recent years, DFE participated in some super large DMS projects in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc as the consultant, standard defining party and equipment supplier. With the development of smart distribution network, DFE has made great contribution in promoting power distribution technology.

DFE’s Development in DMS


Highlights of DF8000 DMS Solution

Future-oriented centralized and decentralized management.


Centralized acquisition. Decentralized operation

All information of distribution network is centralized and processed in the master station. The operator in Control Center supervises the running of the distribution network and issues operation and control command.Equipped with Remote workstations, the operator in branch entities implements work in his AOR, such as parameter entry of device, diagram drawing, remote control, supervising the equipment of distribution network and completing the operation and control to the equipment.

Advanced information interaction of distribution network


Single line diagram interacts perfectly with Geographical diagram

Full interaction among Single line diagram, Switch station diagram, Ring main diagram based on geographical information and etc provides operator with comprehensive,multithematic display of information. Realize synchronization of real-time data,synchronization of fault location information, synchronization of topology, synchronization of device query, etc among these displays through multi-window or multi-screen unified information display.

Automatic Diagram Generation


Beautiful and accurate diagram. Greatly reduce workload of drawing.

Automatically generate diagram of total network power flow with labeling and parameter association based on network topology, relations of inlet and outlet of power line and geographical information. Automatically generate diagram of power supply tracing from MV/LV equipment to its main grids based on network topology. Automatically generate diagram of Bay and diagram of switching station based on template or information of device.



SCADA/DMS, GIS and other system can exchange data through ESB.

Provide various measures of visualization, such as visualizaiton of dynamic power flow, two- dimensional power flow line and pie graph,three-dimensional power flow line and pie graph,three-dimensional bar graph, perspective,isoline,isosurface, and etc to display visaully running status of distribution network, and especially to warn operator about abnormal state of equipment,critical state of equipment.

Easy and seamless data exchange


Display running status of equipment, distribution network visually

Realize data exchange including real time data, customer information, device information, meter information and etc through ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), reaching multi-level, full-information nteraction among different services, different applications,customers and power companies. raphics and parameters in GIS are the single data source, which are maintained unifiedly to provide SCADA/DMS with graphical information, parameter model information, topology information and etc,in accordance with standard XML/SVG format.

Large access capacity and archiving ability


More than 5000 terminals, million points second-level archiving

Using Front End clustering technology, single node can support more than 5000 channels of terminal access, and can realize dynamic load balancing of channels.Support ablity of million points second-level archiving.

High integration of CCTV


Surveillance in SCADA HMI

Achieve SCADA graphics, video images, geographical information display synchronization in one HMI through informaion exchange between SCADA/DMS and video surveillance system

Smart Applications


Support distributed generators, user interaction, virtual reality, etc.


Access and control of distributed generators/electricity storage/mircogrid.

Self healing control of distribution network.


EPON communication structure


In accordance with topology distribution network, easy to expand and adjust

Provide various communication solutions, such as GPRS, SDH, EPON, Radio, PLC, etc.EPON technology is very suitable for distribution network, and the topology of EPON is similar with distribution network. The communication topology can adopt chain+tree ODN and ring+tree ODN. Compared with tradition SDH, EPON has the following advantages:

The topology is flexible which is easy for network expansion and path adjustment.Node failure of device has no effect on the network.Saving cable, reducing investment.

Various distribution terminals, covering different occasions


DF1725 Series terminal, KEMA IEC61850 Certificate

For the flexible design of DF1725 series terminal,it can be suitable for different types aplication, like for high voltage substation control system, it can works as distributed Bay Control Unit; for trans-mission and distribution substation, it can work as centralize RTU; for distribution automation, it can work as Ring Main Unit RTU and Pole Top FTU. One unit, multiple capabilities.One solution, various applications.In distribution network, it will be used in switching station,distribution room,cubicle substation, station, pole top, etc.