DF1800 SCS/NCS System

DF1800 SCS/NCS system is a set of SCADA system based on the computer, It is used to provide data acquisition, monitor and control function for Substation equipment, via its Human-Machine Interfaces, in place of the conventional hardwired control, metering and annunciation panels, in order to improve the operation effect and decrease the labor hardship. At the same time, the DF1800 is able to provide the interfacing and communication to the SCADA/EMS control center, for Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition and Energy Management Functions. The DF1800 is suitable for use as an unmanned operation from the SCADA/EMS control center.

The DF1800 SCS/NCS is the latest state-of-the-art engineered for continuous duty service in the specified environment, built of all new material of the best industrial grade with proven reliability, and is designed to give reliable service subject to reasonable maintenance and replacement of consumable parts. The manufacturing process for the components of the SCS/NCS is ISO 9001 certified.

The DF1800 SCS/NCS System is developed by DongFang Electronics Co., LTD.. The system consists of 2 levels, which are Substation Level and Bay Level. The Substation level is called as DF1800 Local Control System, with the function of Element selection, Command operation, Alarm and event list, Substation diagram editing, parameter entry, etc. The Bay level is based on the DF1725BCU or DF1331RTU. The Substation Level and Bay Level are integrated by the gateway (communication concentrator and protocol converter), which is the facility to communicate with the Central Control System and with other IEDs and digital centers.

Substation Control System (SCS) Architecture

Network Control System (NCS)  Architecture


- Data Acquisition

- Data Processing and computing

- Human Machine Interface

- Remote Control Operation

- Event Recording

- Alarm Function

- Report Management

- User Authority Function

- Database Management and Maintenance

- System Self Diagnose Function

- Protection Relay Managment

- Fault Recording Data Processing and Analyzing

- Interlocking and operating ticket