DF8000 SCADA/EMS/DMS system is a whole set integrated solution for analysis, simulation and operation of electric power generation, transmission and distribution. DF8000 provides the functions of supervisory & control, network analysis, safe and economical operation instruction, dispatch information management, dispatcher training simulator, data integration platform with third party software and communication between different control centers etc.  

DF8000 was developed under an established quality assurance program and has been used as high reliability Electrical Power Automation Systems software worldwide. As a fully integrated enterprise solution, DF8000 is a Real-Time Intelligent Power Management System to monitor, control, simulate, and optimize the operation of your energy system.

System Hierarchy

Application Modules 

SCADA Software Modules
SCADA HMI  SCADA Front End Sever
SCADA Database Editor SCADA Real Time Alarm Viewer
SCADA Data Viewer SCADA Historical Event Viewer
SCADA Database Backup Manager SCADA Report Manager
SCADA Database Connection Monitor SCADA System Manager
SCADA Drawing Editor SCADA Real Time Database Sever
SCADA Front End Viewer SCADA Real Time Database Viewer

Advanced DMS/EMS Modules
Web Server Economic Load Dispatch
Application Programming Interface Automatic Generation Control
OPC Server and Client Automatic Voltage Control
Sequence Switching Management Distribution Network Topology and coloring
Inter Control Center Protocol over TASE2 Distribution Network Power Flow 
Enterprise Application Integration Platform Load Shedding Schedule
Work Order Management Fault Detection Isolation and Restoration 
Network Topology Loss Minimization via Feeder Reconfiguration
State Estimation Load Balancing via Feeder reconfiguration
Short Circuit Calculation Outage Management
Load Forecast Crew and Resource Management
Contingency Analysis Geographical Information System
Transmission Network Power Flow Dispatched Training Simulator
Reactive Optimization