DF1800 Substation Control System is developed by Yantai Dongfang Electronic base on its more than 20 years experience in electrical distribution automation. It is a whole set integrated solution for monitoring and operation of the power grid primary electrical equipment from 6kV to 500kV substation. All the Units are integrated via the duel LAN following IEC61850 or some other popular Protocol, such as IEC60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, IEC60870-5-103, DNP3.0 serial and over IP, Modbus serial and over IP, WISP+, and HNZ etc.

DF1800 is developed under a modular designing concept and Server/Client architecture; it is Portable, Reliable, Scalable and Flexible.

DF1800 integrated multiple functions, which includes: communication management, data acquisition, real time monitoring and control, protection relay management, and other application function.

Substation Control System (SCS) Architecture:


Modular and distributed design

Using software function to divide the software module, complete distributed design, flexible to configure, easy to trouble shoot and easy to expand

Software module includes:Front End Server、SCADA Server、Database Server、Operator Workstation、Protection Workstation、Maintenance Workstation、etc。Each Module can be run in one or more machine

Bay oriented data management system

After the system acquires data, data will be sent to logical bay

Once data management is based on bay oriented structure, it is easy to implement substation automation function like interlocking for remote control function

Data Transmission by Multiple Network

System can use single, double, multiple Ethernet for backup each other or allocate data flow.

Support tele-control data, control command, disturbance recording data, files transfer multiple data in 4 data network

Uniform and reliable SCADA platform

On basic of Ethernet, system data platform provide uniform real time data to all node

SCADA Server, Front End Server, Database Server can run in single machine, and can run in hot-standby mode as well, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the Substation Automation System

Open architecture concept design

Base on Windows format of graphical human machine interface, easy to learn and operate

Off the shelf commercial database software, standard SQL interface to connect to database

Using TCP/IP protocol, which is the most mature, reliable and widely used computer network protocol

Open software platform support development of application function, support connection with other system


•      Data Acquisition

•      Data Processing and computing

•      Human Machine Interface

•      Remote Control Operation

•      Event Recording

•      Alarm Function

•      Report Management

•      User Authority Function

•      Database Management and Maintenance

•      System Self Diagnose Function

•      Protection Relay Management

•      Fault Recording Data Processing and Analyzing

•      Interlocking and operating ticket

•      VQC