DF1725 RTU/FRTU/BCU/Gateway

From developing the first set RTU of China in 1982, Dongfang keeps effort in providing customers with more reliable, flexible,stable,and powerful products. With more than 10000 installed RTUs at around 2000 sets of Substation and Feed automation systems, DFE is working to provide more reliable, flexible, stable and economic products.

One unit, multiple capabilities

DF1725 is an automation system used to communicate from different equipment to master control centre. It is a micro processor based device.

Unified design is intended to reduce the wiring and maintenance costs. The DF1725 retrieves data from legacy and third party devices such as relays, transfers it to a host or enterprise system, monitors and expands to meet future physical and functional station requirements.

One solution, various applications

The open architecture of the DF1725 supports adaptation to different applications. Future functional and quantitative extensions are easy to realize at anytime through hardware or software upgrade for various applications:– Transmission/sub transmission– Distribution automation– Smart grids– Feeder automation.
The DF1725 micro computer allows one substation hardware device to be configured for many different functions by adding software modules. New software modules are being frequently released to further enhance the DF1725’s functionality. These new modules can be easily downloaded into the flash memory available in DF1725

Costomize function design  

For the flexible design of DF1725, it can be suitable for different type’s application as Gateway, RTU, FRTU and Communication Modem. In order to satisfy different user requirement, DF1725 support customize function design for wide application such as WEB browser, communication gateway etc.  


The open-ended architecture permits the addition of modules as, and where, you need them and provide parallel, distributed, real-time processing for greater configuration and application flexibility.

Embedded communication protocols

 - IEC61850 (client & server) on Ethernet vide CAT-Ⅴor Fiber Optics        
 - IEC61870-5-101/102/103/104
 - DNP over serial and TCP/IP (client & server)
 - MODBUS (client & server)
 - SC1801 (client & server) 
 - WISP+ (client)