DF1500 CCTV System

DF1500 CCTV (Closed circuit Television) System is in a security system which has been widely used in power dispatching center, substation, power plant ,etc to monitor and record important device, area inside or outside the building.

DF1500 CCTV system is designed based on multi network hierarchy which support redundant and cluster technology. It can not only monitor site perimeter, remote visual access, security alarm also provide system resource status monitoring and statistic table function.


System Highlight

Flexible Monitoring Interface

DF1500 CCTV system index is flexible and easy to operate. The operator is able to monitor any place clearly when he click in the system index. Moreover, the operator can combine any view in any place based on the operation habit and specified requirement.

Convenient Patrol List

It is rapid to check whether the device works normally when the device patrol list is preset during operator shifting of the duty. It is also convenient to finish and manage the work log in order to ensure the reliability.

Visualized Environment View and Alarm Linkage

The device status and environment information are monitored clearly. Meanwhile, the alarm and device are interlinked in order that the operator can improve the efficiency and capability.

Visualized SLD and Alarm linkage

DF1500 CCTV system has the ability to display power device status when the operator click shortcut around the device in SLD. It can locate directly the place according to operator requirement.

When unexpected event happens, the system will automatically connect and switch to related view as well as camera locating to device.

Multi System Management Tool

Network Status View Interface — Overall and visual view of network status which displays red color when any camera, digital video or detector is abnormal.

RVU Status View Interface — Monitor RVU(Remote Video Unit) real-time status by means of report or visual analysis method.  

Other features

- Remote control: Control camera lent, light and holder

- Web Browser: Provide WEB Service to view real-time and historical data

- Interface to other system: Interface to fire extinguishing system, SIS and DCS

- High definition system: Select Sonic, SamSung and other famous kind camera

- Support wireless monitor: Support CDMA, GPRS and 3G technology